Adult Immunizations

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Children aren’t the only ones who benefit from immunizations. There are a variety of ailments that adults should be inoculated against including:

  1. Tdap– Tetanus (lockjaw), Diphtheria (throat infection) and Pertussis (whooping cough). Every 5 – 10 years for all patients. Do this 2 years after your last booster if you work in healthcare or are around newborn babies.
  2. Hepatitis A– to prevent yellow jaundice from infected food handlers or if you travel outside the U.S. (especially Mexico and third world countries).
  3. Hepatitis B– for everyone born before 1982 or very sexually active people.
  4. Meningitis– for all patients 11-19 years old.
  5. Chicken Pox– if you have never had chicken pox.
  6. Flu shot– every October to January.
  7. Pneumonia– for everyone with a chronic medical condition (diabetes, heart disease, anemia, immune diseases) or over 60 years old.
  8. HPV– for all patients 11-26 years old
  9. Zoster– if you had chicken pox; given over age 60 (shingles)
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